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TransAm Trucking is a Kenworth Fleet

Proud to be a Kenworth Fleet

Drivers spend most of their time in their trucks. From working to sleeping, the truck is home when drivers are over the road. At TransAm we understand the importance of having a good truck and want to provide the best trucks possible for our drivers. This is why we are […]

Photo is a closeup of the TransAm Garmin homescreen.

GARMIN: There’s a New System in Town

  TransAm Trucking is pleased to announce that we are installing Garmin units in our fleet! What does that mean for you, our drivers? Not only do these Garmins have GPS components, but you can also use them to message your Driver/Business Manager, track your Hours of Service, and much […]

Photo is a collage of drivers who have leased trucks from ONE Leasing and became independent contractors for TransAm Trucking.

Truck Driving: America’s Noble Profession

  What does it mean to be noble? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “noble” means “having, showing, or coming from personal qualities that people admire (such as […] generosity, courage, etc.)”. Generosity and courage. That is what it means to be a truck driver. Generosity The trucking industry is the […]