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Penny Lerro – Relationships in Rockwall

TransAm Trucking has two terminals: one in Olathe, KS and another in Rockwall, TX. The Rockwall terminal gives additional support to TransAm’s long-haul fleet, and is the hub to the Texas Regional Fleet. This fleet may be different in a few ways, but the core values of giving the best driver experience are still the same. While drivers may be alone over-the-road, fleet management is an extension of them. Building a solid connection with your drivers is key in helping them succeed. Penny Lerro does this by helping drivers evade any obstacles that arise by creating meaningful and trusting relationships.

Penny Lerro is the Texas Regional Fleet Manager and works out of the Rockwall terminal. “This fleet is quite different from our larger long-haul fleet. The runs are much shorter and focus on the Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana areas. The transaction time is shorter. A load can turn from good to late very quickly and there is less time to save it,” Penny explained. She also spoke about how there is not another industry like trucking and that it takes a special kind of person to make it. “It is not easy. At times, you have to have thick skin and trust one another to make right decisions. You have to enjoy finding solutions to situations that sometimes seem impossible.”

When asked what she most enjoyed about working at TransAm, Penny said, “The family environment. The people here make coming to work enjoyable. Many of the people here in Rockwall wear many different hats and working with each other to be successful is fulfilling.” The sheer amount of joy Penny brings to the team is extraordinary and this creates a great environment for those in the office and the drivers over-the-road. We are grateful to have such a caring individual as part of the TransAm Family. Thank you Penny, for everything you do!