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Tampa Team Spotlight

TransAm is always looking for new opportunities to grow our company and provide resources for our drivers. That is why we are excited to announce the opening of the Tampa Terminal in Florida. The TransAm Tampa Terminal will serve as a full-service facility for company, regional and dedicated trucks as well as offering other helpful services to our drivers and independent contractors like tractor and trailer maintenance. Mike Smith, General Manager of the new Tampa Terminal, is looking forward to establishing a facility  where drivers can receive the support they need to succeed. “Our team is working hard to make sure things run smoothly as we open this new terminal for our drivers. Each one of our new team members, from our Training and Development Orientation Manager to our Reefer Technician, is dedicated to making sure all drivers are taken care of, whatever their needs may be.” Mike Smith said.

Currently there are 12 team members at the Tampa Terminal, assisting drivers in a variety of different ways. Here is a breakdown of each department and how they support our drivers!

General Manager-  Mike Smith

As the General Manager, Mike Smith oversees daily terminal activities and collaborate with each department to ensure operations are running smoothly.

Compliance – Christina Pope

Compliance is often the first contact when drivers arrive at the terminal for service or with questions. Our compliance team ensures that all drivers’ needs are taken care of throughout the onboarding process.

Information Technology – Cole Collins

IT personnel at the Tampa facility serve as an extension of TransAm’s corporate IT department.  They provide support to ensure that TransAm personnel have the equipment, technology, software and support they need to run the terminal’s daily operations.  As Cole Collins, IT Support Engineer, would say, “IT’s role is to support the people who support OUR drivers every day.”

Training & Development – Garland Tucker & Karl Mason

Training and Development handles the training and coaching of the newest members of TransAm’s driver community. Garland and Karl assist new drivers with everything they need to succeed over the road: DriveCam coaching, orientation functions, safety procedures, etc. “All drivers should feel free to reach out to us for any help they need,” adds Garland Tucker, Training & Development Orientation Manager.

Shop – Thomas Corner – Service Writer, Bryan Ramsarat – Parts, Christopher Merrell – Trailer Tech, Kelvin Foster – Truck Tech , Cameron McCain – Truck Tech , Justin Oliveira – Trailer Tech/Alignment Tech, Joseph Santos – Reefer Tech/APU Tech

The Shop technicians provide full service maintenance for company, regional, independent contractors and dedicated trucks. They also offer any repairs to ensure all equipment is running at peak performance out on the road.

Every role at the new Tampa Terminal directly impacts our drivers. Whether it be training drivers or maintaining equipment so that drivers can be safe out on the road, each member is essential to the operation.