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Owner-Operator Program Earnings Calculator

We understand that transparency is important. That is why we built out a calculator that will allow you to get a better idea of what the fixed and variable expenses could be for your settlement based on real over-the-road factors. This calculator is an estimate of what your settlement may be. There are variables and choices you make that may impact your business’ bottom line.

All amounts stated herein represent gross pay and are subject to change, and may be subject to authorized deductions. Advances and reimbursements are not reflected as these amounts net to zero if proper receipts are submitted for business related expenses. Nothing contained herein is any warranty or guaranty of the amount that an owner-operator will actually earn or the miles an owner-operator will drive. There are many factors that can significantly affect the amount an owner-operator will actually earn and the success of an owner-operator. TransAm Trucking is an Equal Opportunity Employer and expects the same of its owner-operators with respect to their own employees.