Nehru Johnson – You Can’t Drive a Million Miles by Yourself

By TransAm Trucking / July 24, 2017

“You can’t drive a million miles by yourself,” Nehru Johnson said during his Million Mile Jacket ceremony. Some people might argue, saying driving over-the-road by yourself means you are alone. But these people do not understand the trucking industry. It is true TransAm Trucking's company driv READ MORE >>

Bruce Bento – For the Love of Trucking

By TransAm Trucking / July 13, 2017

Earlier this year we honored Bruce Bento as February’s Mentor of the Month. Now he is back for his One Million Mile Jacket! Bruce joined TransAm Trucking in December 2009. When the New Year rolled around, Bruce decided to make the switch to Independent Contractor. He’s been moving down the road READ MORE >>

Drivers of the Month – June

By TransAm Trucking / July 12, 2017

  “Truck drivers are noble people.” They are the guardians of the motoring public. This month, we are honoring 4 people who went out of their way to assist others. They set an example we all should follow.

Company Driver of the Month – Amanda Walls

As you well remember, last m