The Drive Behind the Driver

By TransAm Trucking / March 30, 2017

Being a truck driver is like being a professional athlete: both follow strict regulations, need a good support team, and require commitment to succeed. Truck driving is a lifestyle; ask Steven Cohen. He will tell you his dedication to the trucking industry is the reason behind his successful busines READ MORE >>

Lytx Driver of the Year in For-Hire Trucking

By TransAm Trucking / March 28, 2017

As many of you know, Mr. Elwin Hines, Sr. is the winner of Lytx’s Driver of the Year for 2016 in the For-Hire Trucking category. He earned this award because of his innovative thin READ MORE >>

Debra Yarbrough – Exploring New Worlds with Trucking

By TransAm Trucking / March 21, 2017

Debra promised herself if she ever changed careers, her new job would meet one important requirement: it would pay her to travel. “That’s trucking.”

Tenacious D

Before earning her CDL, Debra never travelled more than 150 miles from her hometown on her own. She was a businesswoman im READ MORE >>

Drivers of the Month – February

By TransAm Trucking / March 6, 2017

Every month TransAm recognizes one driver from each of the following categories: Mentors, Company Drivers, Independent Contractors, and Regional Drivers. Each winner exemplifies TransAm’s values: truck driving is a noble profession and truck drivers are noble people. These individuals possess a st READ MORE >>