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February Drivers of the Month

Drivers of the Month – February

Every month TransAm recognizes one driver from each of the following categories: Mentors, Company Drivers, Independent Contractors, and Regional Drivers. Each winner exemplifies TransAm’s values: truck driving is a noble profession and truck drivers are noble people. These individuals possess a strong work ethic and a dedication to the trucking industry. They are constantly going out of their way to help others succeed. We are proud these individuals choose TransAm Trucking.

Company Driver of the Month – Robertson Davis

“Here is a prime example of Robertson’s character. Last week, Robertson and a newer, TransAm driver happened to be at the same receiver and the same time. The newer driver was having issues backing to the dock, so Robertson helped him out. Robertson explained proper procedure for stops and told the new driver to not stress out about holding up the line because Robertson was the next one in line. ‘We’re on the same team,’ he said. Robertson then called his driver manager to check up on the newer driver and make sure everything went smoothly.”

Independent Contractor of the Month – Robert Stonebarger

“Stony has been a great addition to TransAm. He is a great coach and does really well at school visits. Stony keeps in touch with all of his students. He also will help out on the yard with logs, tandems, or just general questions drivers have to be successful.”

Regional Driver of the Month – Sheryl Fava

“Sheryl shows up early for appointments and she communicates with Dispatch if she is unsure how to run a load.  Her paperwork is turned in after every trip.  She is very pleasant to the customer and to everyone that she comes in contact with.”

Mentor of the Month – Bruce Bento

“Bruce lends a welcoming twist to the ‘Midwest meets Northeast’ work ethic. He started as a student in December 2009, becoming an Independent Contractor upon graduation. Even with all his years of truck driving, Bruce never forgets what it was like to be new to trucking. He makes his students feel comfortable about being truck drivers. Bruce is a prime example of what is takes to complete our training as a student and move on to being a great coach.”