Thomas Young – Diesel in the Blood

By TransAm Trucking / August 22, 2017

  In our Orientation blog, we mentioned that former TransAm Trucking independent contractors and company drivers make up our Training & Development department. Thomas Young, the department’s Director, is no differen READ MORE >>

Drivers of the Month – July

By TransAm Trucking / August 16, 2017

  The trucking industry is about people. Not just the customers and communities we serve, but the truck drivers as well. Each month we thank individual drivers who are exemplary examples of the industry. We are thankful they choose to be truck drivers and we are grateful they are employed by, READ MORE >>

Mark Lain – Million Mile Business

By TransAm Trucking / August 8, 2017

  The internet is a powerful tool. It supplies our news, social outlets, and shopping habits. And as more industries go online, fewer brick-and-mortar places are needed. However, this means more opportunities for trucking. Trucking is a steady industry; trucks move most of America’s goods ac READ MORE >>

David O’Connor – Trucking Through the Unexpected

By TransAm Trucking / August 1, 2017

  If you want to work in a steady industry, trucking is the way to go. Food and products are constantly hauled across the United States, even during economic hard times when other jobs are hard to find. David O’Connor was a construction worker before he turned to trucking in 2011. Now we are READ MORE >>