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Congratulations, David O'Conner, on your Million Mile Achievement with TransAm Trucking!

David O’Connor – Trucking Through the Unexpected

If you want to work in a steady industry, trucking is the way to go. Food and products are constantly hauled across the United States, even during economic hard times when other jobs are hard to find. David O’Connor was a construction worker before he turned to trucking in 2011. Now we are celebrating his sixth year and Million Mile Achievement with TransAm Trucking.

Business Success

David’s business has a successful partnership with TransAm Trucking. According to his Driver manager, this is because David “communicates extremely well.” He does not hesitate to “let us know what we can do for him.” This open communication unlocked several doors for David and his business. He takes part in TransAm Trucking’s mentor program and does school visits. He even met his wife through the trucking industry. “I love being at TransAm,” he said during his Award ceremony. “Honestly, I’ve loved it. It’s been an honor.”

The trucking industry offered David unexpected opportunities. He became a truck driver during the market crash and now he has a thriving business – no late loads, no accidents, and a million miles of experience under his tires. We are very glad David chooses to contract with TransAm Trucking.  Thank you, David, for what you do. We hope to have many more miles together.