Planning Department – Trucking Industry Puzzle Masters

By TransAm Trucking / June 30, 2017

  The trucking industry is a moving puzzle. Shippers, receivers, and drivers all operate on different schedules and it can be difficult to get them to align. Enter the TransAm Trucking Planning department. Their job is to do exactly that: align the pieces.

1,000 Piece Puzzle

The Pla

Drivers of the Month – May

By TransAm Trucking / June 16, 2017

The trucking industry is a cooperative community. There is always someone to offer help or advice. This month we honor several drivers who went out of their way to assist someone. These people are a great example of what it means to be a part of TransAm Trucking. It is this attitude of comradery tha READ MORE >>

Michelle Neth – The Stamina to be a Truck Driver

By TransAm Trucking / June 13, 2017

Being a long haul truck driver is a lifestyle. Drivers spend a great deal of time alone with the truck, traveling the country. Over-the-road drivers know they will not be home every night.  Long haul driving takes dedication and commitment. Or, as Michelle Neth says, “It takes stamina.”