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Michelle in her truck

Michelle Neth – The Stamina to be a Truck Driver

Being a long haul truck driver is a lifestyle. Drivers spend a great deal of time alone with the truck, traveling the country. Over-the-road drivers know they will not be home every night.  Long haul driving takes dedication and commitment. Or, as Michelle Neth says, “It takes stamina.”

For the Love of Trucks

Michelle is the Driver Trainer Manager for TransAm Trucking, but 4 years ago, she started her driving career as an independent contractor for TransAm Trucking. Trucking is her passion. She wanted to drive trucks because she knew she had the talent and endurance for it.  Growing up, she spent time driving big rigs on her family farm. Transitioning from tractors to semis was an easy switch. Moreover, she enjoyed being paid to drive.

Sunset while over the Road - Taken by Michelle NethSunrises and sunsets were her favorite times of day while on the job. She also enjoyed hiking, discovering several good trails during her travels. Her favorite one is near a rest area at the Wyoming/Nebraska border. Driving with TransAm Trucking gave her a chance to explore.

“Eat, Sleep, and Breathe Truck Driving.”

Being a driver is more than moving the truck from Point A to Point B. According to Michelle, when you are over-the-road you, “eat, sleep, and breathe truck driving.” Michelle accepted the challenges along with the perks. She chose to be an independent contractor because it gave her more freedom to get home to her family. This does not mean she went home every week. She still had a business to run and she believes having a successful business means being willing to work. She spent a great deal of time over-the-road. However, being an independent contractor let her make her own schedule.

After several months with TransAm Trucking, Michelle became an approved mentor. She helped train new drivers while over-the-road for close to a year and a half before moving to Olathe. Today, she still trains new drivers, but now she stays in one place to do it.  Questions about time management or DOT regulations? She can help. After all, she was once in your shoes.

Thank you, Michelle, for choosing to be a part of the TransAm Trucking family.

Truck in Winter - Picture of Michelle's Truck