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Drivers of the Month – May

The trucking industry is a cooperative community. There is always someone to offer help or advice. This month we honor several drivers who went out of their way to assist someone. These people are a great example of what it means to be a part of TransAm Trucking. It is this attitude of comradery that makes the trucking profession noble.

Company Driver of the Month – John Schuttak

Not many people would rush toward a burning vehicle, but that is exactly what John Schuttak did. As he was driving down I-74, he noticed black smoke coming from a truck on the side of the road. John immediately pulled over and sent out a call on his CB for more help. John and the driver who answered his call then jumped out of their trucks to help contain the fire while the distressed driver unhooked his trailer. Eventually, they were able to put out the fire. No one was injured. We are proud to have such a caring individual on the TransAm Trucking team.

Independent Contractor of the Month – Garland Tucker, Jr.

A little patience and understanding goes a long way. While waiting at a relay location, Garland was told the other driver, who was a new driver, was running late. Garland did not become frustrated or angry, he simply told his Driver Manager not to worry. When the driver arrived, Garland could tell he was flustered. Instead of making the situation worse by harassing the new driver for his tardiness, Garland helped him understand how to setup the trailer for safe travel and how to complete his logs. Garland took care of the driver. Starting a new career is tough and sometimes all you need is someone who takes the time to help. We are thankful Garland was there for the new driver that day. Thank you.

Regional Driver of the Month – Robert Zschach

Mistakes are human. Typos happen. However, how you handle these blunders is the real show of character. Robert Zschach is a truly noble individual. On a recent pickup, and to no fault of his own, the load number on his paperwork did not match that on the shipper’s. As a result, the shipper would not allow Robert to take the load. This is a stressful situation. However, Robert demonstrated patience instead of getting upset and handled himself nobly. This lead to the situation eventually getting resolved. Thank you, Robert, for your tolerant attitude. We appreciate you choosing TransAm Trucking.

Mentor of the Month – Gary Johnson

For some, trucking offers a chance to change. On Gary’s first day at TransAm Trucking, he said he was “going to do the best for TransAm and himself.” He never looked back. Throughout his career with TransAm Trucking, Gary has not been afraid to ask questions and make sure he’s getting the answers he needs. A few weeks ago, Gary came in and talked with Darren Whiteside about his growth as a trucker. “Gary has almost ‘re-invented’ himself. He has evolved into a very caring and conscious Mentor.” Thank you, Gary, for choosing TransAm Trucking.