Drivers of the Month – September

By TransAm Trucking / September 27, 2017

The trucking industry is about people; truck drivers support our communities and each other. This month we are recognizing individuals who helped someone in need. We thank them for their continued service in the trucking industry and for choosing to be a part of TransAm Trucking.

Company Driver

Jim Hammond – A Truck Driver’s Guide to the Industry

By TransAm Trucking / September 19, 2017

  After 14 years as a truck driver, Jim Hammond is hanging up his keys. Having a business that allowed him to travel was important to Jim. Due to his previous careers in the navy and IBM, Jim has friends all over the United States and wanted a career that allowed him to visit them with ease. READ MORE >>

Tim Antle and TransAm Trucking – The Lasting Choice

By TransAm Trucking / September 18, 2017

  Tim Antle recently celebrated driving 2 million miles with TransAm Trucking. What does he plan to do next? “How about another million?” he said during his Jacket Award Ceremony. Tim started with TransAm Trucking 17 years ago and does not plan to stop any time soon. Tim is a trucking v READ MORE >>

Kurt Roderick – One Million Safe Miles

By TransAm Trucking / September 18, 2017

  Kurt Roderick used to fix trucks, now he drives them. Kurt spent 19 years working in a shop until the arthritis in his hands forced him to give it up. Now he is behind the wheel of a semi and celebrating his 1st million miles with TransAm Trucking.


Kurt joined

Craig Lockett – Patience in Painting

By Brad Lambertus / September 14, 2017

  According to the FMCSA, there were over 415,000 police-reported crashes involving large trucks in 2015. That is a lot of trucks to fix, whether for mechanical work, bodywork, or both. To g READ MORE >>

TransAm Trucking’s History – A Look at the Past 30 Years

By Rhonda McFarland / September 12, 2017

  When John and Trudy Jacobson started TransAm in September 1987, they envisioned a place where each person had the opportunity to be successful, respected, and appreciated.  This is the same philosophy we believe in today. John and Trudy started TransAm with 50 trucks in Kansas City, MO i READ MORE >>

Moses Jones – Knowing Your Truck is Good Business Sense

By TransAm Trucking / September 5, 2017

  Moses Jones came to TransAm Trucking straight out of trucking school in May of 2013 and later chose to become an independent contractor with TransAm after considering his options. “I’ve never looked back,” Moses said. 6-month leases from ONE Leasing are his specialty. “Freedom,” he READ MORE >>

Drivers of the Month – August

By TransAm Trucking / September 1, 2017

  “Trucking is a noble profession and truck drivers are noble people.” Each month, we celebrate 4 noble drivers of the TransAm family. Each of these drivers are hardworking, caring individuals who help improve the trucking industry every day. We thank them for choosing TransAm Trucking; th READ MORE >>