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Craig Lockett – Patience in Painting

According to the FMCSA, there were over 415,000 police-reported crashes involving large trucks in 2015. That is a lot of trucks to fix, whether for mechanical work, bodywork, or both. To get a truck back on the road, it takes a lot of hard work and talent. At TransAm Trucking, we have a skilled team working continually to get trucks out of the shop and back onto the road. Craig Lockett is a part of TransAm Trucking’s Body Shop team and has been for 4 years.

Craig originally applied for a Tire Technician position but the position ended up being filled internally. However, Management was impressed with Craig and did not want to let him go. They offered him a Porter position. Craig accepted. Now, he is a Painter and loving every minute of it.

When asked why he enjoys his job, Craig says, “I love the challenge of it.” Painting, whether it is on a canvas or a truck, is an art. A great deal of skill goes into matching paint colors.  Then there is the painting itself. It takes a steady hand and watchful eye to ensure the paint is applied evenly and does not clump. “Patience,” Craig says. That is what gets the job done.

Patience is also what he advises to people looking to get into this field. Take your time and take pride in your work. Most importantly, do not be afraid to ask questions. “The Managers are very helpful. There is a team of people to help you.”

Craig is a charismatic guy with a passion for his job. Thank you, Craig, for choosing to join TransAm Trucking’s team. We appreciate your hard work.