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Drivers of the Month – August 2018

Mentor of the Month – Doug Martin Doug Martin is a mentor both on and off the truck. He’s a positive influence to his mentees and uses social media to continually offer advice and answer trucking questions within the trucking community. His passion for the trucking industry is infectious. Thank […]

Ivory Maxwell – Mastering Your Craft

We all have the capability to master any skill we choose, but not all of us decide to act upon it. We run into many obstacles such as fear, hesitation, or frustration. However, those who can bypass their obstacles will find a way to succeed. To some truckers, driving is […]

Jonette Owens – Family Values

Building a family and watching your children grow can be one of the most rewarding experiences. For Jonette Owens, her role as a Driver Recruiter has had a similar influence on her life. Her family values run deep and extend into TransAm. Jonette is a Driver Recruiter and joined TransAm […]

Edward Belbin – Trucking Brotherhood

A brotherhood is defined as “an association, society, or community of people linked by a common interest or trade”. This could be a relationship built out of love or respect for what you do. The unity behind truck drivers allows individuals from different backgrounds and beliefs to share ideas with […]

TransAm Trucking Driver Alexa

Alexa Stone – Freedom

Freedom. That is why Alexa Stone drives a truck. “What other job is there where you get up, walk 3 feet to work, listen to music all day while seeing the beauty of nature, take a nap when you feel the need, have near total control over any negativity getting […]