Luis Salazar – Dedication to Finding Solutions

By Brad Lambertus / January 19, 2018

Growing up in Costa Rica, Luis Salazar and his family had many animals. Luis studied to become a veterinarian because that was his passion. After moving to the United States, he wanted to continue his dream to become a veterinarian, but due to the different country’s requirements, he would require READ MORE >>

Drivers of the Year – 2017

By Emily Eagan / January 9, 2018

Trucking is a noble profession and truck drivers are noble people. We are proud to recognize five drivers who exemplified the TransAm Noble Purpose throughout 2017.

Company Driver of the Year – Paul Kennedy

Paul Kennedy has had quite the impressive driving career at TransAm!  Not only READ MORE >>

Drivers of the Month – December

By TransAm Trucking / January 5, 2018

Every month, we recognize men and women who embody our Noble Purpose. 2017 brought us several inspiring driver stories. Thank you, everyone, for what you do. We look forward to spending 2018 with you!

Company Driver of the Month – Robert Whittington

Truck driving requires a team and we