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TransAm Trucking is proud to recognize five drivers who exemplified the TransAm Noble Purpose throughout 2017.

Drivers of the Year – 2017

Trucking is a noble profession and truck drivers are noble people. We are proud to recognize five drivers who exemplified the TransAm Noble Purpose throughout 2017.

Company Driver of the Year – Paul Kennedy

Paul Kennedy has had quite the impressive driving career at TransAm!  Not only has he driven over 3 million miles with TransAm, November 2018 will mark his 30 year anniversary with the company. However, Paul is this year’s Company Driver of the Year because of his character. Throughout his service, Paul has continued to put his fellow drivers first.   He never passes a known issue onto another driver – instead he works to resolve the issue so another TransAm driver will not have to encounter and handle the problem.  Paul has also been known to come off his personal home time early to assist another driver with delivery of a load.  Paul makes a lot of sacrifices to be a loyal and outstanding employee of TransAm and his commitment to TransAm does not go unnoticed.  We are extremely fortunate to work with Paul and call him our friend.   Thank you, Paul.

Independent Contractor of the Year – Denise Ponds

Driving in excess of 130,000 miles and doing it while maintaining a spotless record might seem like a challenge but Denise Ponds conquered it gracefully in 2017!   As a result of her spotless record in 2017:  NO ACCIDENTS; NO LATE LOADS – Denise has been chosen as the 2017 Independent Contractor of the Year.   Denise began hauling loads for TransAm in 2014 and her professional growth as a driver has been fun to watch.   Thank you Denise for choosing to do business with TransAm Trucking. We appreciate having you as part of the fleet of independent contractors that help us service our customers every day.

Regional Driver of the Year – Brian Klecz

Brian Klecz has made quite the imprint in the Regional Fleet in Texas!  Travis Johnson (Brian’s Driver Manager) told us that Brian makes it a point to converse with anyone in a TransAm truck.  Brian knows that truck driving is a COMMUNITY.  He creates a strong network with other drivers because he acknowledges that sharing his knowledge and obtaining other drivers’ feedback will contribute to his and other drivers’ success.  Brian is notorious for helping other drivers with directions or overnight parking.  Brian is the definition of NOBLE and we are so thankful that he is part of our team.  Congratulations, Brian, on being selected the 2017 Regional Driver of the Year!

Mentor of the Year – Bruce Bento

Everyone learns differently and Bruce Bento has witnessed this many times.  We recognize Bruce as the 2017 Mentor of the Year.  Bruce has impressively mentored around 80 new TransAm drivers.  The Training & Development Department is constantly singing Bruce’s praises.   Darren Whiteside (Manager – T&D) said “Bruce understands that each mentee is an individual and treats them with a ‘blank chalkboard’ approach.”  Bruce is an all-around good person and everyone at TransAm looks forward to seeing Bruce when he’s at the terminal picking up his next mentee assignment.   We thank Bruce for sharing his experience and knowledge with others.  Congrats Bruce – thank you for making TransAm your home!

Rookie Driver of the Year – Angela Bowen

Angela Bowen is a very charismatic and spunky individual.  It’s hard not to smile and feel the positive energy being around Angela.   Angela has only been in the TransAm driver seat since May 2017 – but you would have no idea that she just began her driving career.   She is extremely knowledgeable and patient.   Due to the admirable characteristics Angela embodies, TransAm invited her to conduct presentations at truck driving schools to attract upcoming CDL graduates to apply to drive for TransAm.   The response to Angela at these schools has been overwhelming! The schools and students have praised Angela for her straightforwardness and positive attitude.  Angela never claims to have all the answers and her willingness to learn never stops.  We are proud to have selected Angela as the 2017 Rookie Driver of the Year.  Thank you Angela for brightening our days and for your passion for driving!