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TransAm Trucking's Drivers of the Month for December 2017

Drivers of the Month – December

Every month, we recognize men and women who embody our Noble Purpose. 2017 brought us several inspiring driver stories. Thank you, everyone, for what you do. We look forward to spending 2018 with you!

Company Driver of the Month – Robert Whittington

Truck driving requires a team and we are thankful to have Robert on TransAm Trucking’s team. When another driver was having issues with the tandems on the trailer, Robert took the time to explain the issues and how to fix them. He went above and beyond to help another driver be successful. Thank you, Robert, for your noble attitude towards driving. Congratulations on your Company Driver of the Month achievement!

Independent Contractor of the Month – Gary Johnson

Gary provided a great deal of holiday cheer this year. When another TransAm Independent Contractor was on leave due to medical reasons, Gary and his wife took it upon themselves to provide the family with a Christmas dinner. They also purchased gifts for the entire family. Gary’s generosity is very inspiring. Thank you, Gary, for making such a huge difference in someone’s life!

Regional Driver of the Month – Alvin Smith

Alvin Smith is relatively new to the TransAm Trucking Regional Fleet but he is already having a positive impact. “Alvin has a great attitude,” says Penny, his Driver Manager. “I really appreciate his willingness to help out.” At TransAm Trucking, we are a team. Teamwork and comradery is part of what makes trucking a noble profession. Thank you, Alvin, for choosing TransAm Trucking. We appreciate your contribution.

Mentor of the Month – Robert Schecher

Adjusting to life as a long haul driver can be challenging, which is why mentors are so important. Mentors introduce their mentees to life over-the-road, spending nearly two weeks with their mentees while delivering loads around the Midwest and East Coast. Being a TransAm Trucking Mentor requires the desire to help others succeed. “Robert is relatively new to the mentoring program, but he is very eager to help new drivers and mentees be successful,” says Darren Whiteside, TransAm Trucking’s Manager of Training & Development. “Robert helps new drivers understand and adjust to being away from home while being OTR.” We are thankful for Robert’s positive attitude. He is a great of example of a noble driver and a true mentor. Thank you, Robert.