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Ivory Maxwell – Mastering Your Craft

We all have the capability to master any skill we choose, but not all of us decide to act upon it. We run into many obstacles such as fear, hesitation, or frustration. However, those who can bypass their obstacles will find a way to succeed. To some truckers, driving is a job. To others, it is the opportunity to see the nation. For Ivory Maxwell, trucking is his craft and everyday he works at perfecting that.

Originally from Gary, Indiana, Ivory moved to Houston in 2008 to find work. Ivory was a supervisor at the Houston Port where he saw trucks come and go, and started to get the “driving itch.” After the Port, Ivory dispatched for 2 years and decided that he wanted to get his CDL. Truck driving was something Ivory always wanted to do and now he is following his dream. “I just love the freedom. You get to see many new things while over-the-road,” said Ivory. Ivory started as an Owner Operator with his own business at TransAm, but switched to the Texas regional fleet to be home more for his son. Penny Lerro, Texas Regional Fleet Manager at TransAm, has this to say about him: “Ivory is just an overall good guy. He is extremely motivated and has many personal goals that he is striving to reach.”

When asked what advice he would share with new drivers coming into the industry, Ivory said, “Don’t get caught up on the negativity that surrounds the industry. There will always be drivers hanging around at truck stops or bashing companies online. You cannot let that affect how you do your job. I focus on mastering my craft and I enjoy that.” He spoke about how, as an experienced driver, he is able to help other drivers over the road. Being a part of the solution and helping others grow as professionals can make a difference, even on a small scale. “Everyone started this profession somewhere and lending a helping hand can make a tremendous difference for someone just beginning,” Ivory said. Ivory also went into detail about how two individuals at TransAm affected him. “Travis and Penny are the best Driver Managers a driver could ask for. Those two have helped me out so much and given me some of the best advice for me to progress as a driver.”

Ivory Maxwell’s passion for perfecting his craft is admirable. He works hard and truly enjoys the success that his hard work brings him. He drives with a reason and a purpose: a noble purpose. We appreciate having Ivory as part of our growing Texas regional fleet and are proud to have him as part of the TransAm family. Thank you Ivory, for everything you do!