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Ernest Carter – From Loading the Trailers to Hauling Them

When we decide to try something new, having a source of information is crucial if we wish to succeed in whatever we attempt.  At TransAm Trucking, we have a mentorship program that combines experienced drivers with recent CDL graduates to help prepare the graduates for their new profession. For Ernest Carter, mentoring new drivers is a challenge that he enjoys and welcomes as a truck driver.

Ernest has been an Independent Contractor with TransAm for over four years now. Before Ernest started driving, he worked as a forklift operator and loaded the same TransAm trailers that he now hauls behind his rig. Ernest takes part in the mentor program that pairs up recent CDL graduates with TransAm Mentors. With experience helping others achieve their goals, Ernest has proven to be a valuable resource for new drivers. “Every new mentee that I meet is taught differently. Everyone learns differently and adjusting to the individual makes it a better experience for them,” Ernest says about his mentor experience.

When asked what advice he would share with newcomers to the industry, Ernest said, “Listen. Many people are willing to help you succeed. You just need to come in with an open mind and learn to listen to those around you.” He also spoke about the importance of learning how to fuel and how to navigate effectively to thrive as a driver.

Being a mentor takes dedication. It involves working with the individual to bring out the best in them. Being a successful mentor means making yourself available and looking out for the mentee’s best interest. When Ernest comes by the terminal, it is common to see him bringing laughter and good vibes to the team.  “Over the years, I have seen Ernest grow as a business operator, mentor, and a person. He has helped mentor countless new drivers and successfully setup a foundation for their careers. He is always willing to help. He is the true definition of a noble driver,” said Sandra Calico, Ernest’s Driver Manager at TransAm Trucking.

Ernest’s compassion and knowledge of the industry makes him a great mentor and a great person. We are thankful to have his business as part of the TransAm Family. Thank you Ernest, for everything you do!