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Drivers of the Month – September 2018

Mentor of the Month – Chris Kyles

Dubbed the “Garmin Guru,” Chris’s patience and guidance is much appreciated by his mentees. He goes out of his way to help all of his mentees learn all aspects of TransAm. He also targets areas they need to improve on so they can reach their full potential. His service to his team and TransAm do not go unnoticed! Thank you Chris for being an outstanding example to our mentees and fellow drivers. We appreciate everything you do!

Regional Driver of the Month – Brian Rademacher

“Brian is a huge asset to the regional fleet. He always has a great attitude and is willing to help out whenever asked,” says Penny Lerro, TransAm Trucking’s Regional Fleet Manager. “He has really embraced being a mentor to our new regional drivers.”  We are grateful for Brian’s dedication to helping other drivers succeed. Thank you for your continued hard work Brian!

Company Driver of the Month – Abdul Alkhafaji

Big shout-out to Abdul for helping a fellow driver out during a time of need so that he could get home. Your altruism and generosity do not go unnoticed. Thank you for being such an outstanding person. Abdul, we appreciate you going above and beyond for your team!

Independent Contractor of the Month – Elijah Scott

“Elijah goes out of his way to take on all the mentees who need a little more attention and help to succeed. He really is one of the best drivers I’ve had the opportunity to work with,” says Sandra Calico, Driver Manager at TransAm.  Elijah, your diligence and patience to teach mentees is inspiring to others. We sincerely appreciate all the time and consideration you put into your business and your role at TransAm. Thank you for all that you do!