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Congratulations to TransAm Trucking's Drivers of the Month - October

Drivers of the Month – October

A little kindness can go a long way in the trucking industry. This month we recognize four drivers whose small gestures had a huge impact. We thank all of them for being noble drivers.

Company Driver of the Month – Paul Kennedy

Paul Kennedy joined TransAm Trucking shortly after its founding. Now he has 29 years and more than 3 million miles under his wheels. According to the members of TransAm Trucking’s Fleet Management team, “Paul is a classic noble driver.” He is always willing to help other drivers in a jam and approaches every situation with a safety-conscious attitude. He is one of our consistent DriveCam Top Performers and has zero accidents to his name. Paul is a great driver and an admirable example of the trucking industry. Thank you, Paul, for everything you do.

Independent Contractor of the Month – James Williams

When we receive shout outs about our company driver or independent contractors from other companies, it makes our day! Last month, James received a great compliment from JBS. James was picking up a load at JBS while their security team was training new employees. After he left with his load, JBS reached out to us because, “Security wants to let you know he (James) was being very nice and patient with our security employees.” They also wanted to, “tell him we all thank him for being such a good person and waiting for us to help him out.” Thank you, James, for your positive impact on the trucking industry.

Regional Driver of the Month – Danny Burgess

Little things can have a big impact. Earlier last month, we spotted Danny on the yard cleaning out his trailer. When he was done, he used his personal dustpan to pick up the debris from the cement and threw it away. This small action speaks volumes. It is a demonstration of Danny’s respect for his fellow drivers and TransAm Trucking. We thank him for this act of kindness. We are glad to have someone so caring on our Regional team.

Mentor of the Month – Doug Martin

Doug Martin is a positive influence on the trucking industry. He is an administrator for a Facebook group dedicated to “helping drivers deal with OTR issues and get past the bumps that we (truck drivers) go through daily.” He is also a mentor for TransAm Trucking. Doug makes a great mentor because of his attitude. “Doug is very positive from the moment he meets his mentees, or any other new driver at the terminal,” says Darren Whiteside, TransAm Trucking’s Manager of Training & Development. “Doug freely discusses how to embrace the positives of being an OTR driver and deflects the negativity lurking about the industry.” We are glad to have such an encouraging force on our fleet. Thank you, Doug, for choosing to contract with TransAm Trucking.