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TransAm Trucking's Drivers of the Month for July 2018

Drivers of the Month – July 2018

Company Driver of the Month – Barbara Crom

Working with Barbara is a pleasure. TransAm Trucking’s Driver Managers have nothing but good things to say about her. “Barbara is a great runner, has a good attitude, and is receptive to suggestions.” Her dedication to the trucking industry is inspiring.  Not only does she work hard to ensure to deliver her loads on time, but she also makes time to help other drivers. Thank you, Barbara! You are a noble driver.

Independent Contractor of the Month – Corwin Anderson

Jaime McDougal, a TransAm Trucking Night Dispatcher, is very excited to nominate Corwin Anderson for July’s Independent Contractor of the Month. “I want to give a huge noble shout out to Mr. Corwin Anderson! Corwin is always professional, diligent, and eager to help us achieve our shared goals.” We are lucky to have such a noble driver contract with TransAm Trucking.  Thank you, Corwin!

Regional Driver of the Month – Everett Mitchell

Everett is an asset to TransAm Trucking’s Texas Regional fleet. “Everett Mitchell goes above and beyond every time and always gives his all,” says Penny, TransAm Trucking’s Texas Regional Fleet Manager. We appreciate his commitment to helping TransAm create a great trucking company. Thank you, Everett!

Mentor of the Month – Charles Donnell

Around TransAm’s Yard, Charles has a reputation for being a great Mentor. On two separate occasions in July, Josh, TransAm Trucking’s Manager of Mentee Training, had mentees tell him about Charles’s positive impact on their driving. “Both mentees expressed their gratitude toward Charles and appreciated how he worked with them and made sure they had a positive experience.” Great job, Charles! Thank you for being part of our Mentor Program!