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TransAm Trucking's Drivers of the Month for June 2018

Drivers of the Month – June 2018

Company Driver of the Month – Michael Vincent

Michael has a great deal of integrity. You can tell he loves what he does. “He is an amazing driver,” says Erin, his Driver Manager. “He is always very pleasant to work with.” Working with drivers like Michael reminds us why trucking is a noble profession. Thank you, Michael, for being such a noble individual!

Independent Contractor of the Month – Delwin Long

Delwin is a commendable person. He never hesitates to help another driver, whether on the yard or while over-the-road. “He sets an example we should all follow,” says Sandra, his Driver Manager. We are grateful to have such a dedicated driver contracted with TransAm Trucking. Thank you, Delwin!

Regional Driver of the Month – Diana Garcia

When drivers are over-the-road, they not only represent themselves, but TransAm Trucking as well. It’s a big deal when a driver receives recognition from a client. In June, our Driver Managers received an email  about Diana Garcia. “Kudos to your driver,” it said. “Very professional. Send her back anytime!! Thank you!!” Way to go, Diana! Your excellent attitude and professionalism makes quite an impression. Thank you!

Mentor of the Month – Brett Remmelsberger

The Training & Development team have nothing but praise for Brett. “He takes the time to work with his Mentees,” says Thomas, the Director of Training & Development. “Brett had a Mentee finish training with him who came back extremely excited about his time with Brett. The Mentee said that Brett worked with him in great detail, making him feel very confident and sure he was doing the right thing.” Brett is an asset to our Mentor Program. Thank you, Brett, for joining the team!