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Ralf Jones recently purchased his second truck from ONE Leasing. He is an independent contractor with TransAm Trucking

Ralf Jones: A Tale of Two Trucks

When we asked our office staff to describe Ralf Jones one statement rang out above all the rest: “He’s an excellent driver.” Well-liked, successful, and ambitious, Ralf does indeed excel at what he does. This week we’re celebrating with him as he hits another milestone in his business. Ralf is purchasing his second truck.

Truck One

Ralf started his relationship with TransAm Trucking as an independent contractor in 2005. At that time, he was leasing a 2006 Freightliner Columbia. He leased this truck for 4 years as he worked and saved until he reached his goal in 2009 and purchased his truck.  Another 4 years passed with Ralf, the Freightliner, and TransAm working together to haul freight across the country.  But in 2013 Ralf decided to sell the Freightliner and jump back into leasing with a Kenworth.

Truck Two

In September 2013, Ralf started leasing a 2012 T700 Kenworth from ONE Leasing. 3 short years later, Ralf is once again in the position to purchase his truck. That is 2 trucks purchased in an 11-year span. What is the secret to his success as a driver and independent businessman? It’s all about running good miles and delivering loads on time. Trucking is a lifestyle. It takes dedication, planning, and hard work. Ralf uses all three of these traits to succeed in his profession and business.

Congratulations to Ralf Jones on the purchase of his T700 Kenworth and his successful business. You are indeed an “excellent driver”. We are proud to have you as part of the TransAm team. Thank you and keep on trucking!