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Revolutionizing Fleet Management: TransAm Trucking Partners with ISAAC

Rhonda McFarland, Director of Information Technology at TransAm Trucking

As the director of IT at TransAm Trucking, I am thrilled to unveil our collaboration with ISAAC, a leading provider of in-cab technology solutions for ELDs, messaging, and GPS routing. ISAAC also provides a real-time vehicle diagnostics that are accessible via back-office personnel.  Our goal is to elevate the experience of our drivers and this partnership marks a transformative step forward in our commitment to driving efficiency, sustainability, and driver satisfaction in the trucking industry. One of the key advantages to partnering with ISAAC is the robust support services they provide.  Our experience with ISAAC has been top-tier in every aspect.  Their training is thorough, project management is well thought out and executed, and their support personnel are not only knowledgeable but also easily accessible. 

In addition to their superior in-cab technology, ISAAC’s solution is reliable from both a hardware and software perspective.  Our cost savings will be immediate with the reduction of downtime related to hardware failures that affect our driver’s productivity.  We will spend less time troubleshooting issues and routing drivers to the terminal for diagnostics or hardware replacement, and more time perfecting solutions that benefit our drivers.

ISAAC’s technology aligns perfectly with our commitment to innovation and sustainability. By optimizing fuel efficiency, reducing vehicle emissions, and improving overall fleet performance, we are not only driving operational excellence but also contributing to a more sustainable future.

I am confident that our partnership with ISAAC will yield tremendous benefits for TransAm Trucking, our valued drivers, and partners. Together, we are shaping the future of fleet management and setting new standards for efficiency, reliability, and driver satisfaction.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this transformative endeavor.