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TransAm and the 3 Million Mile Man

TransAm Trucking and the 3 Million Mile Man

When someone mentions the trucking industry, the image of a lone person driving around in a big rig usually comes to mind.  But the trucking industry as a whole is so much more. It is a team industry. It’s a noble industry. This is a message TransAm Trucking takes to […]

Image of a tractor uncoupled from a trailer.

Uncoupling – Detaching the Truck from the Trailer

There are several reasons a driver will need to uncouple from a trailer. Following the proper steps for uncoupling will protect the trailer and truck from preventable damage and keep you safe. Lower the Landing Gear Before uncoupling ensure trailer is on level ground that will support the weight of the […]

Coupling: How to connect the air and electrical lines from the CMV to the trailer.

Coupling: Step 2 – Air Lines, Electrical Line, and Landing Gear

At this point, you successfully coupled to the trailer, but it’s not quite time to head down the road. The electrical and air lines need to be connected and the landing gear needs to be raised all the way up. Air and Electrical Lines On the back of the truck, on the […]

TransAm Truck preparing to couple with a trailer

Coupling: Step 1 – Locking the 5th Wheel around the Kingpin

Coupling is when the truck’s 5th wheel locking jaws lock around the trailer’s kingpin. This connection allows the truck to haul the trailer. Proper coupling techniques can prevent unnecessary damage to the equipment. Grease 5th Wheel Before doing anything else, make sure your 5th wheel is properly greased. A properly […]

Lucus Medlin and his truck

Lucus Medlin: Trucking and Second Chances

Sometimes a second chance is all it takes. Lucus Medlin, an independent contractor with TransAm Trucking, is a noble example of this principle. In a video for the Union Rescue Mission in Wichita, KS, Lucus talks about how the Mission and the Trucking Industry helped him turn his life around, […]

Winter Driving Tips

Preparing for Winter Driving

Winter is right around the corner and with it comes snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. Being on the road means drivers deal with these elements more than most. Here are a few things to do to help you prepare for the coming weather. Check the Forecast Before starting your trip […]

Green Kenworth

Pre-/Post-Trip Inspection: Taking a Look Under the Hood

In the last inspection blog we covered looking at lights, leans, and fluids. Now it’s time to look under the hood. Latches The hood is held down by a latch on each side of the truck. They are located between the wheel well and the bottom corner of the door. […]

Randall Inman traveling a million miles and more with TransAm Trucking

Randall Inman: Traveling with TransAm

Randall Inman hit 1 Million Miles with TransAm Trucking and he plans on many more! He started with TransAm Trucking as a regional driver in 2008 and a year later, transitioned into an over-the-road company driver when his regional lanes closed. Randall has driven a large part of the United […]

Gary Kimbro receiving his Million Mile Jacket

Gary Kimbro: Respect Goes a Long Way

Gary Kimbro recently joined the ranks of TransAm Trucking’s Million Mile Achievers! Gary has driven for the company as an independent contractor since 2009. In 2013, he purchased his truck. He is a very dedicated driver and TransAm is proud to be a part of his journey as a successful […]

Green TransAm Kenworth T680

Inspections: Look for Leans, Lights, and Leaking Fluids

The truck and trailer pre-/post-trip inspections are some of the most important parts of a truck driver’s work day. This might seem like a hassle, especially during inclement weather, but it’s a lifesaving necessity. A thorough inspection is much better alternative to a preventable accident. In a previous blog, we […]