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Green Kenworth

Pre-/Post-Trip Inspection: Taking a Look Under the Hood

In the last inspection blog we covered looking at lights, leans, and fluids. Now it’s time to look under the hood. Latches The hood is held down by a latch on each side of the truck. They are located between the wheel well and the bottom corner of the door. […]

Randall Inman traveling a million miles and more with TransAm Trucking

Randall Inman: Traveling with TransAm

Randall Inman hit 1 Million Miles with TransAm Trucking and he plans on many more! He started with TransAm Trucking as a regional driver in 2008 and a year later, transitioned into an over-the-road company driver when his regional lanes closed. Randall has driven a large part of the United […]

Gary Kimbro receiving his Million Mile Jacket

Gary Kimbro: Respect Goes a Long Way

Gary Kimbro recently joined the ranks of TransAm Trucking’s Million Mile Achievers! Gary has driven for the company as an independent contractor since 2009. In 2013, he purchased his truck. He is a very dedicated driver and TransAm is proud to be a part of his journey as a successful […]

Green TransAm Kenworth T680

Inspections: Look for Leans, Lights, and Leaking Fluids

The truck and trailer pre-/post-trip inspections are some of the most important parts of a truck driver’s work day. This might seem like a hassle, especially during inclement weather, but it’s a lifesaving necessity. A thorough inspection is much better alternative to a preventable accident. In a previous blog, we […]

Charles Dean in his Million Mile Jacket

Charles Dean: The Million Mile Smile

Charles Dean has joined TransAm’s Million Mile Ranks! He started with the company in 2008 and 8 years later we gathered in the office to celebrate his achievement. Positivity Three words best describe Charles Dean: optimistic, friendly, and genuine. His philosophy is, “If I woke up this morning, it’s a […]

Demonstration of the 3-Point Stance.

Starting with the Basics: Entering/Exiting Your Truck

  Knowing how to properly enter and exit your truck may seem simple but it is the foundation of safety. At TransAm Trucking, we recommend using a 3-Point Stance. This method is meant to give you the most stability when entering and exiting your truck and possibly prevent injuries. Empty […]

John Rainbow in his Million Mile Jacket from TransAm Trucking

John Rainbow: Rolling with Humor

  John Rainbow joined the ranks of TransAm Trucking’s Million Mile Achievers! John is a company driver who started with TransAm Trucking in June of 2006. Like other Million Mile Jacket winners, his record is accident and late load free. So what makes him stand out above the rest? His […]

Red and blue truck outside the TransAm Trucking building

Christian Bustillos: Lending a Helping Hand

  Being part of the TransAm community means having someone you can rely on. It doesn’t matter if you’ve met once or a hundred times, when you haul for TransAm Trucking either as an employed company driver or as an independent contractor/owner-operator, others recognize you as part of the team. […]

Leo Payne in his 2 million mile jacket

Leo Payne: Representing TransAm For Over 2 Million Miles

  Leo Payne is the type of driver every fleet wants. He’s dedicated, hardworking, but above all else, he’s a team player. Leo joined TransAm Trucking in 1997 as a company driver and he’s still with us today. His safety record is impressive (he is consistently a DriveCam Top Performer) […]

David Johnson - TransAm Million Mile Acheiver

David Johnson: What It Takes to Drive a Million Miles

  We are proud to announce that David Johnson joined the ranks of TransAm Trucking’s Million Mile Achievers! What does it take to be a Million Mile Achiever? Each driver shares the same 3 qualities: dedication, safety, and pride in being truck drivers. Dedication It’s no secret that loving what […]