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TransAm Drivers of the Month - April

Drivers of the Month – April

When you love your career, it shows in your attitude. It is easy to spot a passionate driver; simply look for the individual who goes out of their way help others in the industry. TransAm is lucky to recognize 4 such individuals this month. Each of these drivers exemplify the Noble Purpose through their positive attitudes and love of their careers.

Company Driver of the Month – Mary Collins

Mary loves her chosen career. When she is on the yard, she makes it a point to come in and say, “hello”, bringing with her a great attitude and a smile. She is a huge asset to the team, continually offering help and advice to other drivers. Mary also takes time to do school visits, talking to new drivers about TransAm and the trucking industry. She is a knowledgeable advocate for the trucking industry. We are glad to have her as part of the team.

Independent Contractor of the Month – Michael Simms

Michael is a great example of what perseverance and passion can achieve. Michael struggled with his new business when he decided to contract with TransAm Trucking in May 2015. However, with TransAm’s support, he turned his business around. Now he is the proud owner of his own truck. Michael always has a smile on his face when he is on the yard and he makes a point to say, “hi” to everyone he knows. Always willing to help, Michael is a great contractor for TransAm Trucking.

Regional Driver of the Month – Hope Janzen

Nothing can shake Hope Janzen. She radiates professionalism. If her truck is in the shop or a load is delayed, she does not become upset or frustrated. She takes everything in stride. Hiccups are a part of the job. Her positive outlook and even keel make it a pleasure to work with her. Thank you, Hope, for choosing TransAm Trucking.

Mentor of the Month – Bobby Stokes

Bobby is a testament to TransAm’s student program. He went through the program himself in 2014 and now he’s a part of it. Bobby chose to become a coach in February 2015. He always greets new drivers with an upbeat, welcoming attitude and he goes out of his way to answer questions (not just for students but anyone who asks). Bobby also does school visits. It is always a pleasure when Bobby visits the yard. He does a fantastic job as a coach and we are happy he is part of the program.

Truck driving is a noble profession and our drivers demonstrate our noble purpose. Thank you all for choosing TransAm Trucking.