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Drivers of the Month – April 2019

Mentor of the Month – James Davison

James Davison is truly an asset to TransAm’s mentoring program. Whether it be walking a mentee through the pre-trip checklist or patiently instructing him on OTR safety procedures, you can tell James has a passion for helping others succeed. “James is such a joy to work with. He always has such a positive attitude and is very dedicated to the mentoring program,” Michelle Telke, Manager of Training and Development said. Thank you James, for being a shining example of what it means to be a great mentor at TransAm. We are proud to have you a part of our team!



Independent Contractor of the Month – Debon Sims

It takes a responsible and qualified driver to be an independent contractor. “This is Debon’s first time in the industry. He decided to become an Independent Contractor with little experience, and he has proven to be extremely reliable and confident in his role. He is a true success story since he started his own LLC,” said TransAm Driver Manager, CJ Duffie. Debon has proved to be a reliable and excellent driver that TransAm can count on! Thank you Debon, for contracting your business with TransAm. We are excited to be a part of your ongoing success story.


Company Driver of the Month: Joel Guerrero

It is drivers like Joel Guerrero who really strengthen the TransAm community.  Joel went out of his way to help two new drivers on proper pre-trip procedure. Throughout the whole time, Joel remained patient and offered to help with whatever the drivers needed to be successful on their first trip. He even reached out to the night manager to ensure he had covered the process correctly. Thank you Joel, for being a team player and offering up the keys to success for our future drivers.