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John Carson: Blazing A Path for the Next Generation


TransAm’s mentoring program paves the way for not only our future drivers, but also our future mentors. The success of mentoring can be found in the progression of mentees who go on to become mentors themselves. A perfect example of this is John Carson, who contracted his business with TransAm in 2018. After spending 18 years in the IT world, John took a career pivot, “a break from the mundane” as he would dub it, to join the thriving trucking industry. Although he earned his CDL in the late 90’s, he went back to truck driving school in 2018 to refresh his skills.  Once he was hired at TransAm, his path took him through the Mentee program so he could prepare to drive independently. Little did he know that his mentor, Bruce Bento, would inspire him to become a mentor himself and impact other drivers, who were blazing their own path in the trucking industry.

Since contracting his business with TransAm, John has already established a reputation for being a responsible driver with a passion for trucking and a willingness to learn. “John was a delight to have as a mentee. What makes him such a great driver is his positive attitude and his eagerness to learn throughout the mentoring process. I knew that he would make a great mentor, because he has such a calm demeanor and patience with whomever he’s talking to. I look forward to seeing the impact he can make as a mentor,” said Bruce Bento, retired TransAm mentor and driver. What inspired John to be a mentor was not only the impact that Bruce had, but also his passion for being on the open road. “Life is short. Trucking gives you the chance to see the world, so I seized the opportunity,” John said. From enjoying the crisp mountain air while he does his pre-trip inspection to driving by endless fields of sunflowers, John’s love of travel and trucking go hand in hand. That’s why it’s easy to see why he has had such a positive impact on his mentees, because his love for his profession is contagious. “Having John as my mentor really helped me when I was first starting out. I am still learning every day that I am in the industry, but having him as my mentor made a huge difference. John was an excellent mentor and we hit it off right away. I know that I can call him anytime and he will be there for me,” John’s past mentee and TransAm driver Roderick White said.

As John comments about a picture that his last mentee sent him of his new truck, you can hear the joy in his voice. He really loves what he does. Not only as a mentor, but as a driver and business owner. “I’ve always wanted the opportunity to share my passion and knowledge with other drivers. That’s why I love the opportunity to mentor. I get to share the tricks of the trade with new drivers and make an impact on their future career,” John commented. John’s impact as a mentor has already made a ripple effect among the mentoring program with glowing affirmations from management and his past mentees. “All of John’s mentees talk about how informative John is as a mentor and how much they’ve enjoyed training with him. He really makes sure that people get off his truck with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful,” Michelle Telke, Manager of Training and Development said. After a successful start for his business at TransAm, there’s only one question left to ask: What’s next for John’s business journey at TransAm? “I want to further my opportunities as an independent contractor and buy my own truck,” John said. Thank you John, for making an impact on the TransAm driver community, not only as a reliable driver but as an amazing mentor. We are so honored to be a part of your journey in the industry, and can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds!