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Drivers of the Month – October 2018

Mentor of the Month – Mark Meads

Shout out to Mark for his willingness to assist an injured driver. You demonstrated true support to a driver in need and went out of your way to secure his belongings. Thank you for being a great example of a team player and stepping up to help a fellow driver in a crisis. Your generosity and servitude is greatly appreciated at TransAm.

Regional Driver of the Month – Lewis Moultrie

Lewis is a man with a plan when it comes to taking action. Thank you, Lewis for taking a proactive approach when asked to lend a hand with an equipment crisis. Not only did you sacrifice your time, but you also went above and beyond to confirm the equipment was secure. We appreciate your assistance in a time of need!

Company Driver of the Month –Clarissa Moore

Driver Manager Travis Johnson states, “Clarissa has made on-time delivery on every load she has been dispatched on and is a great communicator with her team.” Thank you Clarissa, for being a driver that TransAm can always count on. Your dependability and positive attitude are a great asset to the team and our clients!

Independent Contractor of the Month – James Davison

Big thanks to James for sacrificing his time to save the day! Your willingness and quickness to jump in and help a fellow driver in need speaks volumes about your character. We appreciate your willingness to troubleshoot an issue, and are proud to have your business as a part of the TransAm team.