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Elwin Hines Sr : A Passion for Purpose

“Life is a journey, not a destination,” is the motto that Elwin Hines, company driver for TransAm Trucking, lives by. For Elwin, trucking has never been just about getting from point A to point B. With over a decade of driving with TransAm and a million safe miles under his belt with no late loads, Elwin has built a career and a legacy during his journey. Elwin was also 2016’s Lytx Driver of the Year in the For-Hire Trucking category.  He has dedicated his time to guiding new drivers while promoting safety awareness among the trucking community. Elwin believes that the larger purpose of his career is to educate the future drivers of America. “I believe that to be a positive influence, you must step up and be an active voice in the trucking community,” states Hines.

Elwin is indeed a positive influence in the industry. He upholds his mission for safe driving by keeping a perfect record on the road. It is an impressive feat to be able to drive a million miles with zero preventable accidents or moving violations. He has been able to maintain his spotless record by always putting safety first and expecting the unexpected. Safety Director, David Cole states, “I have known Elwin for the last decade that he has worked at TransAm. He has been a great ambassador for the trucking industry. He presents the positive side of the industry in everything he does, whether he is at the customer’s dock or helping another driver resolve a problem.”

When Elwin is not on the road, we can find him mentoring new drivers at his Alma Mater, Tide Water Community College. With over a decade of experience, he has been able to train and prepare drivers for a trucking career. “As an experienced driver, I can be a leader in the trucking community by offering support and guidance to student drivers in the training program at Tidewater,” Hines says,  “ Although I have been offered a teaching position on Tidewater’s faculty several times, I politely turn it down. My loyalty lies with TransAm. And although I love teaching new drivers, my first passion has always been trucking.”

We are proud to have Elwin as an integral part of our team. Not only has he been a dynamic force in the industry, but he is also an influential team member and role model. Elwin embraces TransAm Trucking’s noble purpose in all circumstances, whether he’s interacting with other drivers, office personnel or our customers.  Thank you, Elwin for your continued dedication to your profession; you truly are a noble example for the industry and TransAm.