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Michael Smith – Force Behind the Fleet

There are a number of factors that go into making sure TransAm’s fleet runs safely and efficiently. Whether it’s a Kenworth tractor, trailer, Thermo king reefer, or an electronic device, every automotive part needs to work properly to ensure that our driver can get from point A to point B safely and efficiently. Each driver at TransAm can trust that their equipment is performing at its peak ability. This process all starts at the Olathe Main Shop with Inventory Control Analyst Michael Smith. Tucked away, past the organized chaos of lined-up rigs getting ready for repairs and service, is Michael’s office. Although his office is separated from the commotion of drills and engines, his role is an integral component in the shop’s operation. As each part serves a purpose in ensuring our equipment operates safely and efficiently, Michael’s role is crucial to keeping TransAm’s fleet in top condition. Every alternator, circuit breaker, flex pipe, large or small part is accounted for in Michael’s meticulously-detailed spreadsheets.

No stranger to the industry, Michael was co-piloting an 18 wheeler when he was 10 years old. At a young age, Michael was drawn to the technical side of the trucking industry. “I enjoy learning about the mechanical design of vehicles. The power and functionality of transportation equipment and how each part has a purpose is fascinating to me.” He utilizes this same passion every day in his role as Inventory Control Analyst. Responsible for over $1 million in parts inventory, Michael is committed to efficiency as soon as he arrives early each morning. “In my role, it’s very important to get everything right the first time, because it affects the entire flow of the shop. If we are missing a part, it can halt the repair process and that is one less truck that gets out the door to our drivers on time,” Michael explains. With one foot in the accounting department and one foot in the shop, Michael’s multi-faceted role holds a variety of different responsibilities. From allocating and verifying inventory costs to locating a crucial missing part, it’s essential that he be organized at all times. Michael enjoys the fast-paced environment and the room for growth his position holds. “I accepted this position at TransAm five years ago because I wanted an opportunity for career growth, and that is what this position has given me: experience and a new level of success.”

His hard work and dedication to his role does not go unnoticed.  Chief Financial Officer Murray Droescher adds, “Michael is one of the hardest working, self-disciplined people who I have ever worked with.  From his first day on the job he has made a positive difference at TransAm.” Thank you,Michael, you truly play a vital role in the success of TransAm and we appreciate your passion for excellence.