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Ian Kalimanis – Delivering with a Purpose

Early in the morning, dedicated fleet driver, Ian Kalimanis is doing his pre-trip check in Minnesota where the weather is in the crisp single digits. Although this native Floridian, is used to a more pleasant balmy climate, you will never hear Ian complain. “Even on the days when it’s single digits and your brakes are freezing up, you have to look at the positive. I love my profession.” Ian says.  This glass half full mentality is exactly what makes Ian a rock star as a driver of the new dedicated customer fleet in Florida. His Driver Manager, Heather Hubbs, adds, “Ian has been such a pleasure to work with. His communication with situations and attention to detail are a breath of fresh air. I know I can rely on Ian 100% in any given situation!”

What fuels Ian’s drive out on the road? His momentum for miles comes from his daily intention “to combine his passion with a purpose.”  Ian explains, “My passion is rooted in the fact that there is a purpose behind my role. I feel that I am doing something important whenever I drop off a load.” Hauling from the Southeast to the Midwest, Ian thrives off the challenge of the open road.  Whether it be shifting gears to travel safely up and down the rolling hills of the northeast region or ensuring quality control on a load drop off, Ian is dedicated to his important role in the process. “I enjoy the aspect of driving a reefer in the TransAm dedicated fleet. It’s different than drop and hook. With a live load you have to take care of the cargo from origin to destination. I have a responsibility to ensure quality control throughout the trip and to the final destination.”

With his humble nature, Ian does not take full credit for his success. After taking a four-year hiatus from the trucking industry, Ian attributes his decision to re-enter the trucking workforce to two things: His undeniable love for being out on the road and TransAm Trucking. “When I came back from my hiatus, you realize with the driver shortage there are jobs everywhere. I researched a number of companies, but at the end of the day, TransAm provided me an opportunity 99 percent of companies don’t offer. They gave me the opportunity to kick start my driving career again and provided me with the training and support I needed to get back on the road.” Ian adds that he never feels alone out on the road because of the helpfulness of the planners, dispatchers, and his driver manager. Ian is assured that if he ever has a problem, his team is only a phone call away to help him through any situation.

With his fresh perspective after re-entering the trucking industry, Ian has sound advice for the next generation of truckers. “Love what you do. It’s that simple. In any career, there are high and low points. There are times when I will be taking my rest break and I cannot wait to get moving again because of my love for the drive. That’s how you should feel in your profession. That irreplaceable excitement for your career.” Thank you Ian, for continued dedication to your profession. We are proud to have you as part of the TransAm family and are inspired by your passion out on the road!