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Angel Bowen is an independent contractor and driver recruiter for TransAm Trucking.

Growth Opportunities in Trucking – Angela Bowen’s Story

Angela Bowen was born to be a truck driver. She is charismatic, friendly, and her confidence gives off the impression that she has been trucking for years. In reality, she only acquired her first truck 5 months ago. Angela loves her new career and her enthusiasm for the industry is infectious. “It’s a family,” she says, “I love the Dispatch team. They help in a jam – morning, noon, and night.” Her attitude and work ethic are why she was invited to do school visits for TransAm Trucking.

School Visits

Angela started visiting schools 2 months after receiving her truck. The visits are worked around her loads and home time. “So far, I haven’t been late once,” she said, knocking on wood. Even though the school visits are extra responsibility, Angela truly enjoys doing them. She likes interacting with the students during her visits – taking pictures with each group she sees – and sharing her experience of the trucking industry. “They (the students) don’t want someone who blows smoke,” she says. “They want someone who really knows what it’s like. And I always tell them, ‘If I can do it. You can too.’”

Safety First

She dedicates a portion of every visit to safety. Before allowing a student to climb into her truck, she asks them about the 3-Point Stance. “I had a friend slip and break his back so I make sure everyone knows about the 3-Point Stance.” She also stresses the importance of taking your time. “Don’t be afraid to start over. Take your time. Don’t get in a rush. If you refer back to what you learned, you’ll get it.”

Angela makes everything seem possible. She’s encouraging, patient, and a good role model. We appreciate her choosing to contract with TransAm Trucking.