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TransAm’s New Driver Support Specialist Team

As a leading transportation company, TransAm is committed to providing top-notch support to our drivers. In keeping with this commitment, we have created a new team of specialized individuals who are solely dedicated to assisting our drivers while they are over the road. This new team of Driver Support Specialists is available to all of our drivers and, for those drivers who elect to utilize this service, can provide step-by-step guidance for many trucking situations.

Our Driver Support Specialists are well-versed in a range of scenarios that drivers might encounter on the road. They can help drivers with everything from backing and driving situations to logging statuses and correcting errors to answering questions about bills of lading (BOLs), registering checks, and utilizing the correct forms to submit.

We are proud to have assembled an amazing team of past TransAm drivers and members of the Training & Development team to serve as our Driver Support Specialists. These individuals have firsthand knowledge of TransAm and the situations our drivers experience, making them uniquely qualified to offer support and guidance.

Meet Our Driver Support Specialist Team

Debra Yarbrough

Debra began her career with TransAm in 2013 as an Independent Contractor after graduating from CDL School. She later transferred to the Orientation Manager position in 2015. Debra has been an exceptional leader and educator to countless drivers.

Shyheim McCoy

“Shy” started driving with TransAm in 2021 and quickly demonstrated tremendous knowledge and dedication to the trucking industry. We are thrilled to see him continue to grow his career in this industry and share his expertise with other drivers.

Javion Jones

Javion also began driving with TransAm in 2021 and quickly stood out as an excellent driver and leader. His extensive knowledge of all things TransAm-related makes him an invaluable resource for drivers.

Stephen Powell

Stephen began his journey with TransAm in 2022 and drove with one of our dedicated fleets. While he was over the road, Stephen demonstrated what it takes to be a safe and effective driver through great communication and confidence.

Karl Mason

Karl started with TransAm in 2018 and quickly transferred into the Driver Training Manager position on the Training & Development team. He has been an enormous help to many drivers who have come through the TransAm program.

Enhancing Driver Support

Our Driver Support Specialists work directly with each department to ensure that our drivers receive the support they need in every facet of their work. We are thrilled to announce this new team to our drivers, and we look forward to the positive impact they will have on our drivers’’ experiences.

TransAm is dedicated to providing the best support possible to our drivers, and the creation of our Driver Support Specialist team is just one of the many ways we are fulfilling that commitment. Thank you for being a part of the TransAm team, and we look forward to continuing to serve you in the best way possible.