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Safety Matters – New Driver Pay Program

TransAm Trucking strives to create a workplace that offers drivers the best opportunity for success in terms of recognition, growth potential, and job satisfaction. The goal is to ensure that each driver has the foundation to build a lasting career with the company.

In order to achieve this goal, the company is offering competitive pay and compensation for demonstrating safe driving. The new program rewards drivers with a pay increase after three months of safe driving. Drivers who demonstrate consistently safe driving habits over the course of the first twelve months will receive a total of three pay increases throughout this period, then continuing every six months thereafter. This reward system is designed to incentivize and recognize those who put in extra effort to ensure our company is being safe on the road.

Along with scheduled pay increases, TransAm will offer a starting pay range based on previous verified safe driving experience and other requirements. This program rewards drivers who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to safety by offering competitive pay for the industry.

The new program not only rewards company drivers with a pay increase for safe driving but also updates the owner-operator program to include new compensation changes that align with the company’s continued commitment to safety.