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Leo Payne: Still Going Strong

Have you had the pleasure of meeting Leo Payne? He has been representing TransAm on the road since 1997 and has driven millions of miles since that time. With over 20 years with TransAm and nine years in trucking prior to that, he is very knowledgeable in the ways of the road. During that time he has had the opportunity to see the industry evolve firsthand into what it is today.

Leo is from the New York area and has lived there all his life. Shirley, his wife of 37 years, actually had a large impact on his becoming a truck driver. She was given a gift of a lifetime and was told she could choose anything she wanted. They decided to be practical with this opportunity and chose CDL School over a dream vacation to ensure a good career opportunity moving forward. That decision set him on the path to where he is today.

Life on the road can be tough when you are married. Leo shared that his wife used to come with him quite often so they could spend a lot of time together until personal reasons made it tough for her to ride in the truck. Thankfully cellphone technology has brought a convenience of contact that has allowed the two to stay in communication when Leo is not driving, no matter what part of the country he is traveling through. . It is of course never the same as being together but it is the next best thing, you might say. 

In this industry, there is a lot of time on the road to keep your mind busy. Leo says the number one thing he does to fill his time is just being aware of everything going on around him. This is a must on the road and can help you react quickly to other vehicles to avoid an accident or collision. Beyond that he prays a lot and spends a lot of time listening and thinking about music. Leo has been a lifelong drummer, so he always has a beat going in his mind. He shared that as a young boy he would often play on pots and pans, then at 13 was allowed to start taking real drum lessons. That promptly evolved into him joining a band at 16 and he has been drumming in bands ever since. While he mainly plays in worship music these days, through the years he has played in all kinds of bands like rock, show music, and even polka.

Leo, we appreciate your continued dedication to TransAm and commitment to on-time service of our customers’ loads. Thanks for all you do!