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Ray Nolin – A Legend

17 years and 10 months. That’s how long Ray Nolin was a driver for TransAm Trucking and boy will he be missed. “A legend” is one term that was commonly floating around on his last day with the company. From Ray’s viewpoint, however, he is no legend; he simply was a good driver who did things the way they should be done. To put what he did in perspective though, he never once called in sick. In all those years he only missed one period of time for a knee surgery, after which he was physically unable to get in and out of the truck during healing. Some dare to say he would have otherwise been taking loads and getting the loads there on time, every time. Ray never had a late load to tarnish his record. He was a firm believer in arriving at every location one hour early no matter what. He shared that this saved his butt on more than one occasion seeing as traffic, among other factors, can be very unforgiving. This is why he planned ahead for those instances and didn’t let those factors be an excuse on his behalf. But the reasoning for his legendary status goes on. During Ray’s career driving he also never had an accident, never had a personal DOT violation, and never got a ticket.

There is a lot that can be said about Ray, but to sum it all up, he will not be forgotten at TransAm Trucking. But now he has a different schedule in mind for his day moving forward. Ray plans on getting back into bowling, in which years ago he was quite the fanatic, regularly going four or more days per week. He shared that he probably won’t let bowling take up that much of his time this time around as he is now a Grandfather to 16 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren! Needless to say, Ray is eagerly looking forward to attending his grandchildren’s games and performances.

Ray, you may not see it but we do. You are indeed a legend and will be greatly missed. Thank you for your years of dedication and commitment and for doing your part in making TransAm what it is today.