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Randy Davis : One in a Million

Randy Davis, an independent contractor at TransAm Trucking, is one in a million. He is one of the noble drivers who has joined the million mile club at TransAm Trucking. Since he started contracting with TransAm in 2011, each mile has represented the hard work and commitment Randy has dedicated to his business. It should be noted that Randy also achieved these million miles without a single late load. How did he accomplish this? “By managing my time, I’m able to be consistent with my miles and still stay safe on the road. Time = Miles. By taking minimal breaks and using my on-duty time efficiently, I’m able to maximize the distance I cover,” Randy stated.

While achieving his million mile status, Randy has made a memorable impact on others as well.  Marco Leal, TransAm Driver Manager had this to say about Randy: “Randy was here when I first started as a Driver Manager and I have learned so much from him in the years that he has contracted with TransAm. He is the definition of a noble driver.”  Randy also shares his knowledge with new drivers who have the same dream of achieving a million mile status.  Thank you, Randy for your positive influence on other drivers and the trucking industry.

As Randy dons his well-earned “Million Mile Jacket,” it serves as an inspiration to all drivers that the opportunities are endless if you are willing to put in the work. Reflecting on his tremendous accomplishment, there is really only one question to ask, “After a million miles, what’s next?” Randy states simply, “Two million.”  Because of Randy’s dedication, we look forward to celebrating with him again when he accomplishes another million miles down the road.