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Drivers of the Month – November 2018

Mentor of the Month – Kayla Harris

Shout out to Kayla Harris for being an exceptional Mentor to new drivers. She goes above and beyond for each of her mentees, making sure they are prepared and safe over the road. Josh Moore, Manager of Mentee Training, states, “Kayla has done a great job working with her mentees. She has worked with multiple drivers and we are very thankful for the work that she’s done.” Thank you, Kayla! TransAm is grateful for your commitment and contribution to the Mentor program.

Regional Driver of the Month – Lesia James

From consistent on-time deliveries to being a great communicator with her team, Lesia represents what it means to be a noble TransAm driver. Regional Fleet Manager Penny Lerro adds, “Lesia has a positive attitude and is always willing to help others.”  Thank you, Lesia for being a great addition to the regional fleet and taking pride in your role at TransAm!

Company Driver of the Month – Jean Henri Fonkqua

Driver Manager Sandra Calico, states “Jean Henri Fonkqua is the true definition of a noble Company Driver. He is always working hard and makes on-time delivery his priority for every load. He also is a great addition to the team because he is willing to help whenever it is needed.” Thank you Jean, for being an outstanding example for fellow drivers. We value your service and commitment to TransAm.

Independent Contractor of the Month – Charles Page

Charles puts safety first when it comes to representing TransAm over the road. A deer ran out in the middle of the road causing another driver to swerve off the road.  This created an accident that deployed the other driver’s air bag. Charles went out of his way to check on the other driver needing assistance after the accident and made sure that he was okay. Without his assistance, the accident could have turned out differently, since it was late at night and no other drivers were on the road at the time to assist. It is a reminder to all of us to be safe on the road during these winter months. Thank you Charles, for being a hero on the road to those in need. We are proud to have you contract your business with TransAm!