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Omar Stephenson: A Million Miles and Going

One million miles on the road is a firm testament to the dedication of a driver. It is because of those very dedicated drivers that TransAm Trucking can continue thriving today. At TransAm, when a driver hits that honorable milestone of one million miles on the road with us, they earn a place in TransAm history with a plaque on the wall and of course that iconic million mile jacket! Today we honor none other than Omar Stephenson who recently hit that milestone with us.

Omar was born in Jamaica and made the move to the United States as a teenager to New Jersey. It was an easier move for him to make as much of his family and even some friends had already relocated here. He came to drive for TransAm back in 2012 after starting out for several months with another carrier that was not a good fit. When asked what has kept him driving for TransAm over the years, he shared that it was because he enjoys TransAm’s fair and friendly atmosphere and because they treat drivers like people.

He started with TransAm as an Independent Contractor and used the first few years as a learning experience in building a business. Omar focused on gaining knowledge of the industry and how to be successful in his business. Since then, Omar has built both a thriving business and a bit of a reputation around TransAm for being an all-around great guy. It doesn’t go unnoticed that Omar takes pride in all things that he does and that especially shines through in his work. Around the office, he is described as someone who will get the job done, dedicated to on-time delivery, and is always respectful. He is a great family man who is easy to work with and will simply get the job done right.

During Omar’s home time, he shared that he likes to check out a bit and use it as a time of decompression and relaxation. During this time he likes to chill at home with his family, watch movies, or go out to eat.

Thank you for all you do, Omar! We congratulate you on your business success thus far and look forward to many more years with you. Here is to another million miles!