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Sammy Aleman – Success Through People

In an industry where Time = Miles, it’s an essential to have a point person whose priority is taking care of the drivers who keep the trucking industry going. Sammy Aleman, TransAm HR Generalist, is TA’s “go to” person when it comes to this important role. No day is the same for Sammy, but that is the pace where she thrives. “My Dad has been in the trucking industry for years, that’s where I got my passion from. I enjoy a fast paced environment that lets me help other people, especially drivers.”

After graduating from K-State, Sammy went straight into the working world, and has become an important part of the TransAm team for the last year. One of the biggest factors that makes Sammy so passionate about her job is how big of an impact truckers have on today’s economy and consumerism. Sammy added, “If we didn’t have truckers, grocery stores would run out of stock in a matter of days. They have such a big impact on our everyday lives.” And her passion for the industry and our drivers’ shows, through her work ethic and dedication to her position in HR. Sammy loves multi-tasking with paperwork and coordinating drivers’ needs, although this type of environment could be stressful to many people. She attributes this passion for her job to the fact that she loves the environment she works in: “I love working at TransAm and most importantly, I love the people I work with. We have a fast-paced environment where everyone is dedicated to their role in the office, and that’s what makes it work.” It’s no surprise that the feeling is mutual from Sammy’s management team. Emily Eagan, Vice President of Human Resources, states, “Sammy’s commitment and dedication to her job and TransAm is truly inspiring. Her values and expectations for herself align with TransAm’s core values.  Sammy delivers the best customer (driver and employee) experience in every aspect of her job.  She is a team-player and hard worker and we are honored to have her on our team!”

Just like drivers have an impact on our economy, Sammy is a perfect example of a team member that makes a big impact at TransAm through her hard work and passion. Thanks for everything that you do, Sammy! I know the TransAm staff and our drivers appreciate it!