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Leslie Iverson – Strength in Solitude

A long stretch of miles ahead and solitude are the two key things that Leslie Iverson, TransAm company driver, enjoys most about her profession. After working in a variety of different customer service positions, Leslie decided it was time for a career pivot: the trucking industry. Always one for a challenge, Leslie immersed herself in a training program and earned her CDL to take on the open road. As Leslie pointed out, being a new driver has its obstacles, and it takes an especially disciplined person to navigate an 80,000 lbs. truck. But Leslie attributes the road blocks starting out to what made her stronger, not only as a person but as a driver. “When you are a new driver, it can be a difficult transition at first, but I am a strong person, I’ve been through a lot, and I knew I could conquer the obstacles ahead.” This type of inner strength highlights what makes Leslie such a successful driver and a role model for women who are also looking to join this male-dominated industry.

Reflecting back on her journey, Leslie is proud of what she has been able to accomplish in her trucking career and with good reason. Not only does she prove that hard work and determination are the two keys to success, but she also is willing to help other new drivers along the way. Looking back on her personal training experience, Leslie has sound advice for newcomers who are considering a career as a truck driver: “Invest in your education and you invest in yourself. And above all else, always stay calm and have patience.” Although she has only been with TransAm for a few months, she’s already making waves as a successful company driver, and it does not go unnoticed. Driver manager Randall adds, “Leslie has been a great person to work with and an influential addition to the TransAm team. Not only is she a quick learner but she always goes out of her way to lend a helping hand to other drivers.”

As Laurence Sterne once said, “In solitude the mind gains strength and learns to lean upon itself.” And that is definitely the case for Leslie, whose strong work ethic and determination has kept her persevering through her initial training and now as an established company driver. Thank you Leslie, for your continued dedication to your profession and to the TransAm team, you serve as an inspiration to drivers everywhere.