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Marco Leal – Cornerstone of the Company

From our drivers to our office personnel, each role plays an important part in the overall success of the company. Marco Leal, TransAm Driver Manager is a part of the backbone that ensures the safety and efficiency of our over the road drivers. With his calm composure and proactive nature, Marco manages a fleet of drivers to ensure the transportation side of TransAm is running smoothly. As a driver manager you have to expect the unexpected, and be prepared for whatever situation arises. In a position that requires adaptability and dedication, it takes a specialized person to be able to excel in the fast pace world of driver management.

Marco works seamlessly between monitors and various tabs, multi-tasking everything from coordinating pick up and drop off locations to ensuring drivers are able to get home on time. To the average person, the barrage of calls and reports would be overwhelming to say the least. But for Marco, he remains calm despite the chaos. “It’s a good feeling at the end of the day, because you always feel accomplished. Whether it’s answering calls from drivers or collaborating with planners. If you’re not playing keep up than you’re not being productive,” Marco said. In his role as a driver manager, Marco wears many hats. On average, he receives around 100 calls a day. Communicating and working with drivers on everything from time management for their next load drop off to guiding a new driver how to submit paperwork. You can’t narrow the role as a driver manager role down to one aspect, because this role offers support in a variety of different ways to each driver, at any given moment.

But the irreplaceable trait that driver managers like Marco have, goes way beyond just the art of multitasking. It’s the empathy they possess that serves as the center point of their role. “Good relationships with my drivers starts with listening. As a driver manager, you’re not only there as a problem solver, but also an sounding board for drivers that are needing support or encouragement out on the road,” Marco adds. It is his positive perspective and genuine care that makes him well respected among the TransAm driver community. In a position that requires you to expect the unexpected, Marco and our fleet management team are a cornerstone of our transportation operations. Thank you, Marco, for your continued dedication to your role. You make an impact on drivers’ lives every day.