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Tramell Shelby – Making America Move

If every driver stopped in America, where would we be as a nation? It’s a question that most of us rarely ask ourselves and a service that we easily take for granted. Although each individual driver contributes to our society, the strength is found in the community of trucking. Tramell Shelby is one of the dedicated drivers who keep that community strong and supports the very future of trucking which is our young drivers. As he puts it, “Everyone in life is put on this earth to fulfill a purpose and my purpose is to help people in the best way I can.” If there is an opportunity to help a fellow driver out, Tramell is always the first one to offer a helping hand. Whether that be mentoring young drivers who are fresh out of driving school or helping out the team to ensure on time delivery, he not only believes in the community that the trucking profession is built on, but he does his active part to keep the foundation of it unshakeable.

Born in Long Island, New York, Tramell started his trucking career in March 2017. His first driving job was out of Calverton, New York. Tramell put his skills to the test, navigating the narrow streets of the boroughs of NYC. Hauling 53’ dry vans and reefers, Tramell quickly fine-tuned his driving skills in the city that never sleeps.  Even before he earned his CDL and became a truck driver, he had a passion for two things: the transportation industry and helping others. Tramell’s past careers involved working with industrial power trucks and a part-time job helping disabled individuals. From those two careers, a passion for machinery and the intrinsic need to help others blossomed. When speaking of how he started his business in trucking, Tramell added, “It just clicked. I love being around machinery and I love the idea of being a part of something that is bigger than me, being a part of making America move.”

Since he contracted his business with TransAm over a year ago, his drive and compassion has not gone unnoticed by others. In fact, Driver Trainer Manager at TransAm Trucking, Michelle Telke, adds, “It is said that a life of trucking is what you make of it. Tramell is always enthusiastic, fun and hard working.  Also he is always there when any driver needs his help, even if it is just a simple question.  I really enjoy Tramell contracting with our TransAm family!”  With his passion to share his knowledge he’s learned with others at TransAm, Tramell has also become an influential mentor for young drivers starting out in the industry. When asked what advice he gives newcomers, he stated, “Be responsible, be respectful, be professional and most of all never get too comfortable in your career. There is always something new you can learn.”  Thank you Tramell, for helping shape the drivers of the future and the passion you put into your business every day. We are very proud you choose to contract your business to the TransAm team!