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Omar Stephenson: A Million Miles and Going

One million miles on the road is a firm testament to the dedication of a driver. It is because of those very dedicated drivers that TransAm Trucking can continue thriving today. At TransAm, when a driver hits that honorable milestone of one million miles on the road with us, they […]

Ray Nolin – A Legend

17 years and 10 months. That’s how long Ray Nolin was a driver for TransAm Trucking and boy will he be missed. “A legend” is one term that was commonly floating around on his last day with the company. From Ray’s viewpoint, however, he is no legend; he simply was […]

Leo Payne: Still Going Strong

Have you had the pleasure of meeting Leo Payne? He has been representing TransAm on the road since 1997 and has driven millions of miles since that time. With over 20 years with TransAm and nine years in trucking prior to that, he is very knowledgeable in the ways of […]

TransAm Receives US EPA 2019 SmartWay Excellence Award

The environment is an ever-growing concern these days. A lack of regulation and a heavy dose of ignorance to the cause and effect of human actions in years past have left the world in a state of concern about the environment around us. Almost every decision we make in our […]

Mary Collins – Dedication and Determination

In the trucking industry, drivers are on the front lines and it is no secret that it takes a strong-willed and determined person to be successful within that role. However, long days on the road with many days away from home is what it takes to keep the industry in […]

A Day in the Life of a Driver Manager

With more than 1,000 TransAm Trucks on the road today, it requires a precisely dialed in operation to keep things running smoothly. A key role in the process is the Driver Managers in the Fleet Management department. In this article, we will be taking a deeper look at what a […]

Drivers of the Month – May 2019

  Mentor of the Month – Patrick Haugh Not everyone makes the cut to be a TransAm mentor. It is an honorable title reserved for those who have proven their abilities in their craft. They must also possess the strong traits needed to effectively pass their knowledge along to our […]

Drivers of the Month – April 2019

Mentor of the Month – James Davison James Davison is truly an asset to TransAm’s mentoring program. Whether it be walking a mentee through the pre-trip checklist or patiently instructing him on OTR safety procedures, you can tell James has a passion for helping others succeed. “James is such a […]

John Carson: Blazing A Path for the Next Generation

  TransAm’s mentoring program paves the way for not only our future drivers, but also our future mentors. The success of mentoring can be found in the progression of mentees who go on to become mentors themselves. A perfect example of this is John Carson, who contracted his business with […]

Marco Leal – Cornerstone of the Company

From our drivers to our office personnel, each role plays an important part in the overall success of the company. Marco Leal, TransAm Driver Manager is a part of the backbone that ensures the safety and efficiency of our over the road drivers. With his calm composure and proactive nature, […]