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John Carson: Blazing A Path for the Next Generation

  TransAm’s mentoring program paves the way for not only our future drivers, but also our future mentors. The success of mentoring can be found in the progression of mentees who go on to become mentors themselves. A perfect example of this is John Carson, who contracted his business with […]

Marco Leal – Cornerstone of the Company

From our drivers to our office personnel, each role plays an important part in the overall success of the company. Marco Leal, TransAm Driver Manager is a part of the backbone that ensures the safety and efficiency of our over the road drivers. With his calm composure and proactive nature, […]

Ken Tilghman: All Paths Lead Back to the Open Road

  Have you ever seen the sun set over the Tetons of Jackson Hole, Wyoming or marveled at a Disney Cruise ship gilded in gold, setting sail over the waves of Galveston? Kenneth Tilghman, city driver for TransAm, has; among many other breathtaking views he’s witnessed in his career as […]

Drivers of the Month – March 2019

  Mentor of the Month – Von Clarke TransAm makes it a priority to have dependable and experienced drivers as leaders in our mentor program. That is why we are especially proud to announce our Mentor of the Month: Von Clarke. Von has been an outstanding member of TransAm’s mentoring […]

Ralf Jones – One Load at a Time

“Go run for Johnny Jacobson,” was the recommendation that kick started Ralf Jones career at TransAm Trucking. After more than 16 years in the trucking industry, Ralf is an esteemed veteran of the open road. No matter if he is driving through the polar vortex in Minneapolis or navigating the […]

Drivers of the Month – February 2019

Mentor of the Month – Tony Boone Shout out to Tony Boone for being TransAm’s mentor of the month. His excitement for mentoring is contagious and he is an inspiration to others in the mentoring program. Tony goes out of his way to make sure every mentee is well prepared […]

Michael Smith – Force Behind the Fleet

There are a number of factors that go into making sure TransAm’s fleet runs safely and efficiently. Whether it’s a Kenworth tractor, trailer, Thermo king reefer, or an electronic device, every automotive part needs to work properly to ensure that our driver can get from point A to point B […]

Ian Kalimanis – Delivering with a Purpose

Early in the morning, dedicated fleet driver, Ian Kalimanis is doing his pre-trip check in Minnesota where the weather is in the crisp single digits. Although this native Floridian, is used to a more pleasant balmy climate, you will never hear Ian complain. “Even on the days when it’s single […]

Millennials & Trucking

  “Where do you see yourself in five years?” is an age-old interview question that can strike fear in any Millennial entering the workforce. “Where do you see yourself in the next 5 months?” seems like a more plausible question to reflect on, right? Think again. The career choices you […]

Drivers of the Year 2018

Mentor of the Year – Kerlon Epps Kerlon Epps is an outstanding example of what a mentor at TransAm should be. He continuously works hard to supply his mentees with the information that they need to succeed. If a mentee has difficulty with a certain area of training, Kerlon goes […]